Why we have created the DB Link

Adapt to new buying behaviour

Things are changing when it comes to selling and buying. Companies tend to centralize the buying process more and more. And if you deal with larger, international companies this will demand a different organization.

Companies are looking at organizations having Global Key Account managers responsible for the whole account, and their buying behaviours. To be successful, you need to have a full overview over the whole account and its complete corporate structure.

Need of data quality

Companies struggle with data quality. In CRM, ERP and MDM systems the need of correct and reliable data is of great importance. Low data quality is a key driver to make the system less efficient. It is also important when improving user adoption.

If users feel the system provides poor data, they tend to get the data from other sources and the efficiency goes down.

Bisnode and Dun & Bradstreet is the leading suppliers of data in Europe, and world wide

Bisnode and D&B maintains the world’s largest reference database of legally sourced business entities

Business entities are all identified with a unique ID called DUNS®Number that enables a secure, unique and trustworthy global ID system. It contains more than 230 million businesses bound together in corporate structures (linkages). Any CRM, MDM or ERP system can with the D&B Link integration concept be combined with a Global ID System and enable daily quality data about businesses and their unique corporate structures from all over the world.

DB Link is a concept that connects any CRM, MDM or ERP to Bisnode and D&B online services

This is accomplished with the Global ID´s generated by Bisnode and Dun & Bradstreet database. DB Link supports standard Bisnode and D&B data packages such as:
Worldbase Marketing ID
Bisnode business contacts
Worldbase Marketing ID with Linkages
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GRS data layouts
N.B. Support for additional data packages are available upon request.

Main Features

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Link existing system companies

Match and link

Search and Add new companies

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Explore Company Data

A complete view of all data

Corporate Structure View

Corporate structure presentations

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Batch import

Data import ex D&B DUNSRight™ files


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